This guide deals with the steps to follow to CE mark a new construction product and explains what to do if the product changes (its processes, raw materials, testing, etc.). there are changes of the product that make necessary to revise the documents required.




The Guide explains that the CE marking does not only consist of affixing a label to a product: the manufacturers have to carry out many tasks to complete the process of CE marking.

The added value of CE marking is that the EU countries must allow the selling of construction products bearing the CE mark. This means that public authorities cannot ask for any additional marks or certificates, let alone additional testing. Therefore, the manufacturers or the distributors are able to trade their product in any country of the European Internal Market with the same documentation. Together with the Declaration of Performance, this helps the customers and the final users to check the performance of the product and compare it with other products under the same technical approach. The CE marking affixed to a product means that it is assuring that the performance of the product is the same as what it is declaring and that it has been obtained using the right European technical specification.

The CE marking contains certain essential information about the product and provides a link to other additional documents which also contain important information. This brochure covers how to develop these documents and also provides some examples.


The Guide on the CE marking of construction products is available here.