New version of the Guidelines for the application of Directive 2014/35/EU about the electrical equipment designed for use within certain voltage limit date November 2016.


The Low Voltage Directive guidelines are addressed to all parties affected by Directive 2014/35/EU, commonly referred to as LVD, applicable from 20 April 2016, replacing Directive 2006/95/EC.


These guidelines supersede the “guidelines on the application of Directive 2006/95/EC” of August 2007 (last modification January 2012) and refer only to the application of Directive 2014/35/EU unless otherwise indicated.


This document is intended to facilitate the application of Directive 2014/35/EU. The national laws transposing the Directive are legally binding. However, this document represents a reference for ensuring consistent and harmonised application of the Directive by all stakeholders.


These guidelines are not exhaustive. They focus on certain issues only, which are of interest for the application of the LVD. These guidelines should be used in conjunction with the Directive itself and with the Blue Guide, which further explains concepts such as “placing on the market” and “economic operators”.


This information is:


- of a general nature only and is not intended to address the specific circumstances of any particular individual or entity,


- not necessarily complete, accurate or up-to-date


- sometimes refers to external information for which the Commission assumes no responsibility.


The Low Voltage Directive guidelines are available here.