The operating instructions are essential for the machine as they provide the user with the information necessary to operate the machine in safety conditions.

The instruction manual of the machine is certainly the main part of the instructions for use. However, the instructions also include other sources of information, such as warning signs, human-machine interfaces (for example, screens of machine control programs) and warning devices.

The instructions are linked to the assessment of the risks of the machine: one of the principles of safety integration is to inform users of the residual risks due to the incomplete effectiveness of the protective measures adopted. Information to users on residual risks must also be provided through the instructions for use.

It is not possible to write complete instructions for use unless a proper risk assessment has been carried out.

Risk reduction measures typically include warnings in the instructions for use for residual risks on the machine.

The instructions for use include all the means which provide information to the user of the machine and can be given:

- on the machine itself, for example by means of signals and warning devices;

- the documents accompanying the machine, in particular the instruction manual;

- on the packaging.