News in sight for the fire resistance tests for service installations!

Thursday, 11 March 2021 09:20 Construction Products Regulation
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The method will help determine the fire resistance of service ducts and shafts.

EN 1366-5 introduces a method to determine the fire resistance of horizontal service ducts and vertical service shafts, which pass through walls or floors and enclose pipes and cables, to classify them according to EN 13501-2.

The test scenario examines the behaviour of ducts and shafts exposed to fire either from outside or from inside the system.

This standard to be used with EN 1363-1 does not examine the risk of fire spread as a result of thermal conduction along the piping or cabling installed in service ducts or shafts or thermal conduction through the media these pipes carry. It does not cover the risk of damage caused by thermal elongation or shortening of tubes and cables as a result of fire or damaged pipe suspensions.

This document does not give guidance on how to test one, two or three sided service ducts or shafts, but this test can be used for systems with boards and also for such systems with continuous covering with intumescent materials on the boards.

It cannot be used for systems where intumescent material is applied only in the range of the penetration and is unsuitable for evaluating service ducts or shafts with internal barriers at walls and floors.

While the walls of service ducts or shafts tested according to this method may provide specified levels of integrity or insulation, testing according to this document is not a substitute for testing the functional endurance of small electrical cables which is covered by EN 50200.


Title: EN 1366-5:2021 Fire resistance tests for service installations - Part 5: Service ducts and shafts

Date of Availability (DAV): 03.02.2021

Previous version harmonised under Construction products Regulation (EU) No 305/2011:

EN 1366-5:2010 Fire resistance tests for service installations - Part 5: Service ducts and shafts



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