News in sight for protective clothing!

Monday, 31 August 2020 14:21 Personal Protective Equipment
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The standard on test methods and requirements for display clothing for non-professional use will soon be replaced.

Harmonised standard EN 1150:1999 will be replaced by EN 17353:2020 which is currently awaiting harmonisation to the PPE Regulation (M/031).

Standard EN 17353:2020 specifies the requirements for enhanced visibility equipment in the form of clothing, or devices, that are able to visually signal the presence of the user. The enhanced visibility equipment is intended to provide visibility to the wearer in medium risk situations in any daylight conditions and/or under the illumination of vehicle headlights or searchlights in the dark.

Performance requirements are included for colour and retroreflection as well as minimum areas and positioning of materials in protective equipment.

This document is not applicable to:

- high visibility equipment in high risk situations, covered by EN ISO 20471;

- visibility equipment specifically intended for head, hands and feet, e.g. helmets, gloves and shoes;

- equipment integrating active lighting, e.g. LEDs;

- visibility for low risk situations.


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