How to write instructions for use of products

Thursday, 18 October 2018 10:48 Guidelines
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What standards are available to write instructions for use manuals?

As for the instructions for use as such general harmonised standards do not exist up to now. Commonly used standards for products instructions are:

  •  IEC 82079-1 Preparation of instructions for use
  •  ISO/IEC Guide 37:2012 – Instructions for use of products by consumers

ISO/IEC Guide 37:2012 does not provide information covering each case. It offers guidance to the interested parties in the form of general principles and detailed recommendations on the design and the formulation of the instructions necessary or helpful to the user of consumer products. 

The means of communication that can be used are the following:
- texts
- words
- graphical symbols
- diagrams
- illustrations
- audible, visible or tactile information

These means of communication can be used either separately or in combination.
The instructions for use can be on the product itself or its packaging, or in accompanying materials like leaflets, manuals, media and computerized information such as the product supplier's website.

This Guide can be used in conjunction with the requirements of specific product standards or, where no such standards exist, with the relevant requirements of standards for similar products​.

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