People will have less hearing problems using active noise reduction earmuffs and earmuffs with safety-related audio input!


New basic concepts for hygiene and cleanability of food processing machinery and new safety and hygiene requirements for rotary rack ovens and slicing machines


New requirements for bridge and gantry cranes able to travel by wheels on rails, runways or roadway surfaces, and to gantry cranes without wheels mounted in a stationary position!

New requirements about the inspection of aerial spray systems of sprayers in use for agricultural and forestry machinery!


New requirements for mechanical and electrical performance of adhesives for floor coverings!


New versions of EN ISO 717-1 and -2 available.

Ropeway transport consists of all modes of transport using a rope system for the support and/or handling of vehicles used for people and/or goods. It can be installed in urban areas, parks or ski resorts.


People with disabilities will be safer when they use stairlifts and inclined lifting platforms.


Lifejackets and buoyancy aids are personal protective equipment for the protection of the person during recreational or professional activities at sea.


Latest news on Cosmetics Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009

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